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TV, Film & Motorsport

The tracksuit and prosthetic foot I made for Olympian Carl Lewis for a series of still shots and a classic award-winning video commercial.

Tracksuit modelled in wax and cast in latex foam, foot modelled in wax and cast in gelatine.

Sylvester Stallone with one of the 98 guns I helped make for "Judge Dredd"

Whilst working in TV visual effects I had to make a polar bear costume for a German frozen meal commercial. The puppeteer/actor fell ill at the last minute, so I had to stand in! The start and end of a very short acting career!

For the last years of the 2-stroke era I was employed at Team Roberts to design and model the bodywork for their 3 cylinder MotoGP bike. Working with a small team of engineers and designers at that level was an amazing experience which culminated in rider Jeremy McWilliams putting the above machine on Pole Position for the Australian Grand Prix!

The following photos show a timeline of how the design developed both on and off the track over 3 seasons.

This nose cone was heavily influenced by a Cagiva I'd seen at Donnington Park during the Randy Mamola era. It had fantastic results in the wind tunnel, but when we took it to Assen Circuit for testing it lifted the front wheel whilst exiting corners and had to go!

After a motorcycle accident, when fate decided I was safer on more than 2 wheels, I bought a Reliant Pickup! It was a dreadful shade of baby blue, so the weekend before I was finally off crutches and back at work full time, I did a little spray job! Kenny Roberts wasn't impressed and threatened to chainsaw it down the middle and mount it on the workshop wall!

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