"Time Chaser"

Copper, Brass, Silver Plate & Pitch Pine

Private Commission

" Just Going Rusty"

Recycled steel parts

Private Commission

The Welbeck & Holbeck Memorial

Commissioned by the local parish council to collate the names of The Welbeck Estate workers who were killed during the First World War but were only previously named on four separate and private memorials.

Steel Garden Gate commissioned from a lovely cycling family and made from worn bicycle gears & combination spanners



GWR Sack Barrow, Percussion Cymbals, Harrow Discs, Marimba Resonators, Euphonium, Steel Pliers,

Bicycle Cassettes, Car Jack, Turkish Napkin Rings, African Spear, Indian Spun Goblet, Copper Swarf, Lighting Chain, Brass Ashtray, Perforated Steel, Cart Shafts, The Fan out of an electric fake Coal Fire & an awful lot of rivets!

Private Commission

"The T.O.B"

1800 Cycle Gears welded together to celebrate the finishing sprint stage of the 2018 Tour of Britain at

Devon & Sconce Park,


Commissioned by Newark & Sherwood District Council

Solar powered Brass Nonet making beautiful Water Music!


The Treetops Hospice Memory Tree