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The Poulter Park Dragonfly

Commissioned by Derbyshire Countryside Service

Construction & Installation

A 5 ton concrete block, a 70 ton crane, some very helpful chaps from the Derbyshire Countryside Service and a pair of waders that were far too big for me! 


But before the installation...... 
Local Primary School Children made the smaller dragonflies, that make up the veins in the large wings, in dedicated art lessons over several months during the previous year! 

The Bottletop Flower

Every single child in the school was involved in this project as part of their Art Week. Lots of colour and shape sorting and a very intense 3 days.

Southwell Bramley Apple

Commissioned by The Friends of Southwell Parks,

this "Imaginative Play Sculpture" is situated in The Memorial Park play area.

Funds were raised by selling bespoke individual little apples that were welded to the framework to create a ceiling to be viewed from inside the main apple sculpture.


Highfield Hall School, Chesterfield

The Virtual Garden

A project involving every single pupil in the school from Nursery to Year 6 - a total of 350+ children.

Using recycled items to create a colourful "Virtual Garden" to brighten up a dull corner in the middle of the main school building.

We had great fun making Two Pupils(!), Poison Arrow Tree Frogs, Exotic Birds, Goldfish, Dragonflies and many flowers and plants including a tree made from old church organ pipes.

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